KL2 Scholars Mini-Symposium Program

KL2 Scholars plan, organize and lead a half-day symposium.  These series enables scholars to invite one or more national figure. Whom they have not engaged previously and whose work and insight could be of strategic importance to the scholar and complement those their mentoring team. They engage investigators from across our hub and local institutions.  And enrich the intellectual environment of our hub.  This program is diverse and appeals to a multi-disciplined audience.  Participants may join in person or online.

Past Events:

The Effect of Abnormal Sleep: Addressing Sleep in Diabetes Management
KL2 Scholar
: Dr. Evgenia Gourgari
Guest Speaker(s): Michelle Perfect, MD; Thomas Mellman, MD
Date: Monday, February 25, 2019
Time: 12:30 - 3 PM
Location: Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Martin Marietta Conference Room, 3970 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007

Blood-Based Biomarkers of Stroke: A Framework for using Systems Biology to Characterize Clinical Disease
KL2 Scholar
: Dr. Matthew Edwardson
Guest Speaker: Frank Sharp, MD
Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Time: 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: Georgetown University, Building D, Warwick Evans Conference Room, 4000 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007

Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Designs: A Review and New Considerations
KL2 Scholar:  Dr. Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza
Guest Speaker: Geoffrey M. Curran, PhD
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Harris Building, First Floor Conference Room, 3300 Whitehaven St NW, Washington DC 20007

Functions of the "Non-Eloquent" Hemisphere
KL2 Scholar: Dr. Anna Greenwald
Guest Speaker: Argye E. Hillis, MD, MA
Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Time: 1:30 - 3:30 PM
Location: MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, Teleconference Room, 102 Irving St NW, Washington DC 20010