Discovery through Diversity

GHUCCTS designs and implements research that will have a high impact on underserved groups in our communities, including people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, people with disabilities, and older adults.

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Meet Martha Dee Gay, PhD

Martha Dee Gay, PhD, is an NIH TL1 GHUCCTS postdoctoral scholar studying gastroenterology and hepatology. Martha's research focuses on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, and how it disproportionately affects the Hispanic population.

Featured Researcher: Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook is a PhD candidate in neuroscience at Georgetown University, where he works to characterize a specialized form of memory called schema memory in children with autism.

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Upcoming Events
Feb 27
TBS Grant Writing Workshop: Peer Review Discussion on Career Development Plans  Feb 27, 2020  5: 30 PM - 7: 30 PM  Georgetown University
This week's Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) Grant Writing Workshop (GWW) will feature a peer review discussion on career development plans.
Mar 05
TBS Workshop: New Scholar Presentations  Mar 05, 2020  5: 30 PM - 7: 30 PM  Howard University Hospital
This week's Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) workshop will feature presentations from our new scholars.
Mar 11
TL1 TBS Program Info Session  Mar 11, 2020  3: 00 PM - 4: 00 PM
The GHUCCTS TL1 Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) Program is now accepting applications for our 2020-2021 cycle. Join us at one of our online info sessions to learn more about the application process, program requirements, and deadlines.
Dr. Kathryn Sandberg, Georgetown University, will present "How to Write Non-generic Mentorship Plans, Impactful Cover Letters, and Letters of Support & Collaboration" as a part of the Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) Grant Writing Workshop (GWW) Series.
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Journal of Clinical and Translational Science seeking manuscripts for special issue on data science in clinical and translational research

Feb 21, 2020

Cambridge University Press is issuing a Call for Papers for a special themed issue of the Journal of Clinical and Translational Science which will focus on Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research Design, and other aspects of Data Science in Clinical and Translational Research. Manuscript submissions will be received through March 16, 2020.

Monumental clinical trial leverages GHUCCTS Trial Innovation Network

Feb 21, 2020

The Memory Improvement through Nicotine Dosing (MIND) study, a clinical trial housed under the Georgetown University Memory Disorders Program, leveraged the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) to identify collaborators for the trial through an EHR-based cohort assessment. Investigators also utilized the TIN to conduct community engagement studios that allow for meaningful involvement of diverse groups of stakeholders in the planning and implementation of research.

CLIC announces call for applications for CTSA Program Synergy Papers

Feb 19, 2020

A Synergy Paper is a collaborative manuscript developed by three or more CTSA Program hubs with the purpose of addressing substantial challenges in clinical or translational research. Synergy Paper teams receive logistical support from CLIC.