Discovery through Diversity

GHUCCTS, a multi-institutional consortium located in Washington, DC, designs and implements research that will have a high impact on underserved groups in our communities, including people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, people with disabilities, and older adults.

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Meet Martha Dee Gay, PhD

Martha Dee Gay, PhD, is an NIH TL1 GHUCCTS postdoctoral scholar studying gastroenterology and hepatology. Martha's research focuses on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common form of liver cancer, and how it disproportionately affects the Hispanic population.

Featured Researcher: Sikoya Ashburn

Sikoya Ashburn is a doctoral candidate at Georgetown University in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience. She predominately has research experience within cognitive neuroscience and have worked on a range of projects including those investigating language processing, neuroimaging biomarkers for Alzheimer’s, structural MRI in adult dyslexia, and functional activation as well as connectivity in pediatric populations with learning disabilities.

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Upcoming Events
Nov 14
TBS Workshop: Returning Scholars Presentations  Nov 14, 2019  5: 30 PM - 7: 30 PM  Georgetown University
This week's Translational Biomedical Science (TBS) workshop features presentations from our returning scholars.
Nov 14
This month's Windows into Translation (WiT) seminar features Dr. Amrita Cheema, Professor at Georgetown University Medical Center. She will discuss "Metabolomics as a Tool for Clinical and Translational Research".
GHUCCTS KL2 scholar Dr. Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza presents "Developing a Culturally Adapted Telephone Genetic Counseling Intervention to Enhance Genetic Risk Assessment in Underserved Latinas at Risk of Hereditary Breast Cancer" at Virginia Commonwealth University as part of their Wright Center KL2 Visiting Scholar Program.
Nov 20
GHUCCTS KL2 Scholar Dr. Chukwuemeka Ihemelandu present's his symposium "Clinical Proteomics for Diagnostics and Precision Medicine: Tumor Heterogeneity and Treatment Response" featuring keynote speaker Dr. Emanuel F. Petricoin and panelists Dr. Kevin Cleary, Dr. Martin J. Schnermann, and Dr. Stanley Fricke.
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ACTS 2020 Now Accepting Poster Abstracts

Oct 21, 2019

Translational Science 2020 is now soliciting abstracts for next year's program. Showcase your original research to an engaging audience of key thought leaders, future collaborators and funding agencies.

MHRI research assistant shares key takeaways from "Faster Together" diversity course

Sep 25, 2019

This blog was written by Ursula Kahric, research assistant at MedStar Health Research Institute. Ursula is a part of the Research Participant Recruitment Unit with the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS).

GHUCCTS announces 2019-2020 pilot awardees

Sep 24, 2019

After a competitive application cycle, GHUCCTS has selected 6 new pilot projects to be funded for 2019-2020. The Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies program (PTCS) has been a critical and effective stimulus for collaboration that has inspired the development and implementation of new clinical and translational research (CTR) projects.