Translational Workforce Development

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The goal of the Translational Workforce Development (TWD) component of GHUCCTS is to train graduate, medical, allied health professionals and others with specific interests and a career focus on clinical translational sciences. TWD programs encompass mechanistic and translational, clinical and community research, health policy research, management and health care delivery. The TWD component establishes new and innovative educational programs and recruits, trains and mentors a spectrum of trainees who will become the next generation of individuals to further clinical and translational research in the next decade through team based science. 

In addition, the TWD component promotes the development of a skillful translational workforce to conduct interdisciplinary team science by: developing and providing innovative, efficient, individualized, competency-focused and measurable education, training, and career development programs; and 
preparing and supporting trainees at every level and from across disciplines,
investigators, and every member of our T1-T4 clinical and translational research (CTR) teams.

The TWD leadership structure provides high quality education and training and career development, ensure synergy, limit duplication among institutions, and combine distance learning and in-person educational approaches.