Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design

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Request Biostatistics and Data Management Support

Clinical Research Informatics: Our data resource management services harness the power of the EHR to provide investigators and research groups with cohorts and data sets for prospective and retrospective studies, grant proposals, and chart reviews, as well as for clinical trial recruitment.

Data Resource Management Services: The GHUCCTS Data Resource Management Services team helps investigators and research groups develop, execute, and manage data to allow for efficient and effective achievement of their research goals.

Our data management services include the following:

  1. Production of a data management plan
  2. Secure online data storage for research projects and clinical trials
  3. Case report form/survey generation
  4. Data management consulting for best practices, including constructing metadata
  5. Data manipulation and transformation
  6. Data quality and assurance
  7. Data auditing
  8. REDCap

EHR Data Access: The BERD Informatics analyst extracts EHR data from several platforms, encompassing the Inpatient, Ambulatory Care, Emergency Department, Operating Room, and Same-Day Surgery care delivery environments. The user interfaces for these systems range from intuitive Google-like interfaces to SQL databases which require the user to have experience in writing structured queries in Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL. We leverage EHR data to provide investigators and research groups with cohorts for grant proposals, retrospective chart reviews, and clinical trial recruitment, as well as datasets for both retrospective and prospective analyses.