This is my first time submitting a research application—are there any special requirements for novice investigators?

Individuals whose rank is not above assistant professor and who have never had formal research training or funding for research projects are required to submit a pre-application consisting of a document of no more than two pages that identifies: 1) the problem that they wish to address in developing their proposal; 2) preliminary aims; 3) planned methods of investigation; and, 4) already identified resources, including collaborators and mentors, as well as clinical recruitment sites, and participating laboratories. A member of the Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies (PTCS) Program leadership group with relevant expertise will review such submissions, and provide consultation and/or referrals to the potential applicant for developing a full application or participation in a planned or ongoing project when appropriate (Note: the pre-application review is available to other interested applicants, but is not required for those not meeting the above criteria.) For more information visit How Do I Apply.