What other resources are associated with Participant and Clinical Interactions Resources (PCIR) ?

Biomedical Informatics (BI) develops and supports the IT infrastructure and communication tools for researchers and administrators.

Community Engagement and Research (CER) engages community to increase representation of diverse communities in research.

Design, Biostatistics, and Population Studies (DBPS) provides consulting services in the areas of study design and biostatistics for clinical investigators.

Novel Translational Methodologies (NTM) supports investigators with computational sciences and technology transfer needs.

Regulatory and Ethics Knowledge and Support (REKS) provides electronic tools and resources, direction and regulatory support for investigators, including Research Subject Advocates (RSA).

Research Education, Training, and Career Development (RETCD) provides mentorship opportunities and counseling for clinical scholars.

Translational Technologies and Resources (TTR) provides core administrative and laboratory.