Participant and Clinical Interactions

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Participant and Clinical Interactions (PCI) is the component of the GHUCCTS which provides facilities and resources to enable investigators to successfully conduct their clinical research. We are committed to using our capabilities in order to foster collaborative research efforts in the Washington, DC region. We seek to reduce barriers to clinical research for both investigators and participants to best serve the entire research community, with emphasis on the underserved.

The cornerstone of the activities of the PCI is our Clinical Research Units, our Scientific Evaluation and Prioritization Committee (SEPCOM), and our collaboration with the GHUCCTS IRB. The SEPCOM protocol review process is designed to be both rigorous and constructive, in order to stimulate high quality research and encourage new investigators. The joint GHUCCTS IRB ensures efficient approval of protocols at multiple GHUCCTS sites.

Clinical Research Units (CRUs) based at Georgetown University and Howard University provide specialized in-patient and out-patient resources which allow clinical and translational investigators to observe and study human physiology as well as study and treat disease with innovative approaches. Similarly, the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) has a CRU that supports clinical investigators throughout the DC VAMC.

The objective of the CRUs is to make available to clinical scientists the resources that are necessary for the conduct of clinical research. The CRUs do not fund specific research projects. Infrastructure and support in the form of inpatient beds, outpatient services, staff and core equipment necessary to conduct studies are available as a fee-based service. Federally funded studies may receive some no cost or reduced cost services based on scientific priority and availability of resources. The CRUs can also be used to support other hypothesis-based research. GU-CRU and HU-GRU have different and complementary facilities and space and operate in collaboration with the clinical sites at other GHUCCTS institutions, including MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) and the DC VAMC and investigators are encouraged to utilize resources from all sites. All investigators, including MedStar investigators at all locations, are encouraged to inquire about services available to them at all three CRUs.

Please click here for a list of CRU leadership and additional staff and resources at each institution.