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Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Learn more about Evaluation and Continuous Improvement (ECI).

  • What's It All About

    The goal of the Evaluation and Continuous Improvement (ECI) component is to provide credible and timely feedback on the growth and impact of the project on clinical and translational science research and training across GHUCCTS, as a whole, and specifically within each of the core components. This will be achieved through the collection of processes and outcome data that assess the extent to which the project is achieving its aims of (a) increasing the number of clinical and translational researchers and studies, (b) facilitating collaborative research across institutions, (c) increasing quantity and quality of community-based translational research, (d) increasing the cultural competencies of translational researchers, (e) developing and applying new technologies in translational science, and (f) contributing to ethical and health service perspectives. Tracking and performance data will be based on identified metrics as articulated in the module’s continuous improvement plans.

    The ECI component will undertake a mixed-methods approach to evaluation design and utilize a variety of data collection (e.g., web data, interviews, administrative records, community surveys) and reporting methods. Additionally, the ECI component will actively participate in NIH’s national CTSA Common Metrics (CM) initiative and other tracking and evaluation activities. All ECI activities will be carried out in accordance with the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles for Evaluators and the Joint Committee’s Program Evaluation Standards.

    Summary of ECI's top accomplishments from the past 10 years

  • Who is Responsible

    Veronica Thomas, PhD headshotDirector : Veronica Thomas, PhD

    Veronica Thomas, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Human Development and Psychoeducational Studies at Howard University and Project Director of the Evaluation and Continuous Improvement (ECI) component of the Georgetown/Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS). She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the American Evaluation Association (AEA).

    Dr. Thomas has conducted evaluations of a variety of health and education related projects. Her research interests include the health outcomes of women, academic and socio-emotional development of youth placed at risk, culturally responsive evaluations.

    Florencia Gonzalez, MPH Florencia Gonzalez has been supporting the implementation of GHUCCTS initiatives for Community Engagement module and more recently for the Integration of Diverse Population and the ECI modules. She has also been providing capacity building strategies to community organizations for developing infrastructure around research and evaluation to measure program outcomes and for systematic tracking of client data. Additionally, she provides consultation services to GHUCCTS institution faculty, staff, and students on community engaged research principles/best practices as well as building sustainable community-academic partnerships. Past experience includes managing, monitoring and evaluation of community based health projects

  • Tell Me More

    The Evaluation & Continuous Improvement (ECI) Component has the following responsibilities:

    • Monitor processes, implementation, outcomes, and impacts
    • Conduct quality evaluation studies, as appropriate
    • Provide feedback for improvement
    • Participate in national CTSA continuous improvement and evaluation efforts

    This program assists in developing and reviewing instruments and procedures, analyzing data, documenting successes and barriers, as well as creating best practices. We will also conduct evaluation studies.