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  • Feb 19, 2020

CLIC announces call for applications for CTSA Program Synergy Papers

The Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) has posted a call for applications for their next round of Synergy Papers. Accepted applications will receive one year of support, starting July 1, 2020, that includes logistical project management and the identification of potential collaborators across the CTSA network. Applications are due by Friday, April 24, 2020.

Please contact if you are interested in submitting a Synergy Paper application.

Cross-network translational research Synergy Papers are designed to focus on substantial challenges in clinical and translational research, address gaps in research, and convene new, innovative writing teams. In addition, the process of working on a joint manuscript forges new relationships and teams around shared goals, develops a common vocabulary across translational stages, and serves as a springboard for career development and further collaborations.

Synergy Paper topics will be of high relevance and import to translational science, addressing specific methodological and/or content areas. These papers will present new or transformed assessments and perspectives, with emphasis on increasing capacity and further developing collaboration. A manuscript might focus on the status of translational science in a domain where cross-disciplinary teams are needed (e.g. modernizing clinical trial design and use of real world data; closing the translational gap for a specific disease) and review the state of the field, identify translational gaps and opportunities, and outline recommendations for advancing the field.

A selected Synergy Paper team will receive one year of administrative support to develop a manuscript, with the goal of submission to a scientific journal for publication within one year. The selected application and final Synergy Paper will be recognized and highlighted by the CTSA Program consortium as identifying key opportunities and needs for continued translational science focus. In addition to expanding existing collaborations and fostering new ones, the Synergy Paper will help inform future CTSA Program research and training priorities. This may lead to new working groups, UnMeetings, CTSA Program meeting topics and collaborations to pursue other funding opportunities.

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