What is a Research Participant Advocate?

The Research Participants Advocate---Resource for Investigators and Study Coordinators

Help investigators and study coordinators comply with the ethical guidelines and regulatory requirements related to the engagement and protection of study participants. Areas of assistance include:
• Informed consent form development and consent process;
• Data and safety monitoring (DSMP);
• Monitoring Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events
• Review protocols to ensure participant safety and protection.
• Review Data and Safety Monitoring Plans (DSMPs) to ensure adequate protection of participants;
• Serve as unbiased observer and counsel to study participants and research teams on informed consent.  Specifically, provide participants clarity on their involvement in the study;
• Follow-up with participants to evaluate their experience as research subjects; track, monitor, and document these experiences;
• Serve as a resource for study coordinators and other key personnel on engagement, protection, and consenting of study participants;
• Provide input in training on responsible conduct of research as it pertains to the engagement, protection, and safety of study participants;

You can contact the Research Participant Advocates (RPAs) by calling 202-681-2872 or by sending an email to