The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science, or “GHUCCTS”, welcomes you to look at each of our programs and what we offer. We represent a unique consortium of academic and medical institutions across the greater Washington DC area, as described under our “Member Institutions”. The formation of GHUCCTS was inspired by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) Clinical and Translation Science Award (CTSA) initiative to improve how academic medical centers perform clinical research and translational science. This initiative will empower researchers to develop new treatments and cures for diseases more quickly, and to make them available to our patients and our communities more efficiently. The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science was funded by NCRR on July 1, 2010, thereby becoming one of just 55 CTSA-funded centers in the U.S.

GHUCCTS was founded on the CTSA philosophy of interdisciplinary communication and exchange that encourages partnerships and collaborations amongst organizations (academic, government and industry) involved with health care across our geographic region, as well as across our nation. Through multiple partnerships and collaborations, GHUCCTS is committed to transforming clinical and translational research by facilitating the adoption of new scientific advances into improvements in health care, particularly to underserved groups in our communities, including people from racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, people with disabilities, and older adults.

The Georgetown-Howard University Center for Clinical and Translational Science has two PIs with complementary expertise who share leadership of the consortium. The PIs were charged by the GHUCCTS Steering Committee with developing the GHUCCTS consortium and the CTSA application. We have worked together intensively and productively, providing leadership and guidance to the overall consortium and to the workgroups that were established to address each of the many areas required for successful clinical and translational research and education. We have established this public website to promote community education and engagement in GHUCCTS activities. In the near future, we will complete our “Find Clinical Trials” page, where interested individuals can search for ongoing GHUCCTS research in specific diseases in order to obtain more information about our research programs. Please continue to visit our site for this and more information about GHUCCTS educational and research activities.