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Educational Program on Ethics, Regulations and Study Implementation for Clinical Trials
May  30, 2013

Poster Presented at the 6th Annual Clinical Research Management Workshop titled "Educational Program on Ethics, Regulations and Study Implementation for Clinical Trials". Read More

May  20, 2013

On May 16, 2013, the Georgetown University Nursing Department hosted an Annual Completion Ceremony.  More than 700 students, faculty, family members, and friends, attended the formal Completion Ceremony that honors students who completed the second degree BSN program, the master’s programs, and post ... Read More

Apr  08, 2013

MARCH 20, 2013– GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER (GUMC) researchers for the first time have discovered that veterans who suffer from “Gulf War Illness” have physical changes in their brains that may account for pain from actions as simple as putting on a shirt. Brain scans of 31 veterans with th ... Read More

Apr  05, 2013

FIRST EVENT FOCUSES ON POST TRAUMATIC STRESS AND RELATED CONCERNS The First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville (FUMC), in conjunction with academic partners at Georgetown University, proudly announces that it is the co-recipient of a Community Engagement and Research Partnership minigrant from t ... Read More

Health Disparities, Increasing Minorities in Health Professions Focus of 2013 Symposium on U.S. Healthcare
Mar  25, 2013

Former Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Louis W. Sullivan to Give Keynote WASHINGTON (April 10, 2013) – The 2013 Symposium on U.S. Healthcare at Howard University has announced Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, as its keynote speaker on Wednesday, Apri ... Read More

Joining Forces to Improve Transplant Medicine
Mar  18, 2013

Surgeon Thomas Fishbein, MD, is on the cusp of solving a significant problem that he and all other transplant doctors face — the failure of transplanted abdominal organs. As executive director of the MedStar Georgetown Transplant Institute (MGTI), one of the nation’s leaders in intestinal transplant ... Read More

MHRI Takes Part in St. Mary’s County Health Enterprise Zone Designation
Feb  11, 2013

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown announced recently the designation of the State’s first Health Enterprise Zones (HEZ) in five locations across the state. MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital (MSMH), one of the five HEZs, submitted a proposal for the Greater Lexington Park area that seeks to improve public ... Read More

GHUCCTS Announces their 2012-2013 KL2 Post-Doctoral Scholars
Jan  11, 2013

After our third and most competitive application cycle, the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (GHUCCTS) announces the appointment of Ana Barac and Peter Turkeltaub as KL2 Scholars. These two new awardees and their projects are emblematic of our program obj ... Read More

GUMC Faculty Honored at Annual GWIM Event
Dec  17, 2012

The theme of the 2012 Georgetown Women in Medicine (GWIM) annual fall awards ceremony was the recognition of female faculty who have demonstrated a devotion to the ideals of academic medicine. GWIM honored recently appointed, promoted and tenured faculty, and presented two named awards and an achiev ... Read More

Medical Mystery: A woman endures multiple surgeries when a wound will not heal
Nov  27, 2012

The question reflected Kristrinah Ayala’s increasing desperation, and her attempt to make sense of her 18-month ordeal. “I’m a therapist,” she told the Washington rheumatologist who began treating her in the fall of 2011. “Is it possible that this problem is all in my head?” Ayala’s anguish and the ... Read More

MedStar and Georgetown Collaborate to Integrate Research into the Area’s First Cardio-Oncology Program
Oct  31, 2012

Cardio-oncology is a novel interdisciplinary field that focuses on the cardiovascular safety of antitumor therapies.  Major advances in oncology have resulted in numerous effective targeted therapies, as well as improved outcomes, over the past decades. Yet the problem of anthracyclineinduced cardio ... Read More

Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science Community Engagement & Research (CER) Community-Academic Partnerships Mini Grant Awards RFA
Sep  21, 2012

LETTER OF INTENT DUE (REQUIRED): October 15, 2012 APPLICATION SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 3, 2012 ANTICIPATED NOTIFICATION DATE: January 7, 2013 Purpose of this Request for Application (RFA) This Request for Applications intends to support development of sustainable partnerships between academic r ... Read More

Georgetown’s Victoria Shanmugam, M.D., Receives $1.9M NIH Grant to Study Wound Healing
Sep  12, 2012

The National Institutes of Health has awarded an R01 grant in the amount of $1.9 million over five years to Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) in support of Victoria Shanmugam, M.D., assistant professor of medicine. The grant, awarded by the NIH’s National Institute for Nursing Research, a ... Read More

2012 KL2 Post-Doctoral Scholars Award
Aug  30, 2012

Request for the GHUCCTS KL2 Post-Doctoral Scholars Award Application Salary support up to $90,000 per year + fringe and Project Support up to $40,000 per year (for up to 3 years) Funding Period Year 1: DEC. 2012 – NOV. 2013│Year 2: DEC. 2013 – NOV., 2014 Year 3: DEC. 2014 – NOV. 2015 Purpose: To inc ... Read More

Center of Excellence for Health Disparities in Our Nation’s Capital
Jul  02, 2012

Georgetown University Medical Center Office of the Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and Executive Dean I am pleased to announce that the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, a part of the NIH, has awarded a $6.1 million grant over the next five years to Georgeto ... Read More

GHUCCTS Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Research Degree Program
Jun  28, 2012

The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical Translational Science (GHUCCTS) announces the establishment of our Master of Science degree in Clinical and Translational Research (MS-CTR) based at Georgetown University. This new graduate program will provide a rigorous grounding in foundation ... Read More

DC Research Institutions Partner on Development of Health Disparities Online Tool
Jan  05, 2012

Washington, DC—The Clinical and Translational Science Institute-Children’s National (CTSI-CN) and the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) have received a $500,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Center for Advancing Tra ... Read More

International Association of Clinical Research Nurses
Dec  20, 2011

Shaunagh Browning assumes the position of President of the International Association of Clinical Research Nurses in January 2012. The International Association of Clinical Research Nurses (IACRN) is a professional nursing organization dedicated to supporting educational and professional needs of cl ... Read More

Researchers Investigate Link Between Autoimmune Diseases and Wounds That Don’t Heal
Nov  05, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Millions of Americans suffer from wounds that don’t heal, and while most are typically associated with diabetes, new research has identified another possible underlying cause – autoimmune diseases. The finding represents an unappreciated link that could lead to important new insi ... Read More

Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) Translational Technologies Resources (TTR) Component Request for Applications
Nov  01, 2011

Dear Colleagues: The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS), Translational Technologies Resources component (TTR) is pleased to announce the availability of funding to support the use of existing TTR resources to generate preliminary data for grant s ... Read More

Georgetown, Howard Joint Research Center Names Community Advisory Board
Sep  13, 2011

Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science also launches new website to complement its goal of transforming health care and preventive practices in the Washington, DC area.   WASHINGTON -- Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Scienc ... Read More

GHUCCTS Announces 2011 KL2 Post-Doctoral Scholars
Jul  29, 2011

The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical & Translational Science Research Education, Training and Career Development Core Announces:  2011 KL2-Post- Doctoral Scholars   Drs. Jason G. Umans and Renee R. Jenkins, Directors of the KL2 Scholars Award Program, formally announce the 2011 awa ... Read More

First-ever Sub-nanoscale Snapshots of Renegade Protein in Huntington's Disease
May  10, 2011

Using the HFIR Bio-SANS, researchers for the first time successfully characterized the earliest structural formation of the disease type of  the protein "Huntingtin" that creates havoc in Huntington's disease. Neutron scattering allowed researchers to see inside the later-stage fibrils and determine ... Read More

Study at Howard University and Other Institutions Leads to Breakthrough in Treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia
May  09, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Clinical trials conducted at Howard University College of Medicine and 12 other medical institutions across the nation have discovered a treatment that dramatically reduces pain, inflammation and hospitalization time and eases other symptoms in young children suffering from sickle cell ... Read More

GHUCCTS Successful Pilot Award Program in 2010
Apr  04, 2011

The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) Pilot and Collaborative Program (PCSP) has three stated goals (a) to engage junior and senior investigators in multidisciplinary collaborative and pilot studies that will advance clinical translational science ... Read More

Study: Pioglitazone Shown to Curb Type 2 Diabetes among High-Risk Patients, Improve Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Apr  01, 2011

Focus on Advancement New England Journal of Medicine Publication In research published in the March 24 New England Journal of Medicine, MedStar Health Research Institute investigators, Robert E. Ratner, MD, and Stephen C. Clement, MD, Georgetown University Hospital, participated in a multi-site, r ... Read More

High Performance Computing for Rational Drug Discovery and Design
Mar  25, 2011

The aim of this project is to utilize Oak Ridge National Laboratory high performance computing resources to perform virtual docking of a massive chemical database against HDAC enzyme targets, with the goal of prioritizing compounds for experimental validation. Abstract A task of this project is to ... Read More

Howard Hosts Special Conference on Stem Cells In Cancer
Mar  10, 2011

WASHINGTON (March 10) -- Howard University and Howard University Health Sciences host a special five-day lecture course on stem cells in cancer from Monday, March 14, to Friday, March 19, in the Tower Auditorium of Howard University Hospital. The free course, "The Frontiers in Stem Cells and Regene ... Read More

GHUCCTS Announces the 2010 KL2 Scholar Awardees
Feb  11, 2011

The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical & Translational Science (GHUCCTS) announces the KL2 Post- Doctoral scholar awardees for year-1.  Drs. Jason G. Umans and Renee R. Jenkins, Directors of the KL2 Scholars Award Program, formally announce the 2010 awardees.  The Georgetown-Howard ... Read More

Analysis of Relationship between Kidney Function and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Native Americans and Creation of "Risk Calculator" to Preditc Future Vulnerability
Feb  01, 2011

A multi-year study conducted by MedStar Health Research Institute investigators, led by Principal Investigator, Nawar Shara, Ph.D., with MHRI researchers, Barbara V. Howard, Ph.D., Hong Wang, MD, Marieta Pehlivanova, and Jason Umans, MD, examined the relationship between kidney disease and cardiovas ... Read More

Hundreds Gather at Howard University for International HIV-Stigma Conference
Dec  10, 2010

WASHINGTON (Dec. 10) – In spite of the rain and overcast skies, nearly 500 people from across the nation and the globe gathered for the first international conference on HIV-related stigma on World AIDS Day at Howard University. Doctors, other health care clinicians, elected officials, people with ... Read More

CTSA Crowns Verbalis’ Collaborations
Oct  26, 2010

Not long into a conversation with Joe Verbalis, MD, a clear picture of his crisp, building-block logic and solution-oriented thinking emerges, reflecting the bygone teenager who dreamed of becoming an engineer. Yet Verbalis found at Princeton University that his characteristic curiosity drew him ins ... Read More

Consortium Directory 2010 Awardees
Jul  01, 2010

 2010 Awardees National Institutes of Health - Department of Health and Human Services The following descriptions are excerpts from the CTSA applications and reflect proposed activities.Read More

CTSA - Participating Institutions
Jul  01, 2010

CTSA Website - Participating Institutions Thomas Mellman of Howard University and Joseph Verbalis of Georgetown University share leadership of the Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science.Read More