GHUCCTS Investigators Receive Grant from Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Development of a Rapid Diagnostic Test for Ebola Virus

March 05, 2015

Collaborative research born form the GHUCCTS CTSA, funded by NIH/NCATS, between the Padmanabhan Lab at Georgetown and McKnight lab at ORNL have resulted in ORNL internal funding for the development of a rapid, Fieldable diagnostic for RNA Viruses.  This is applicable to the Ebola Virus and is currently under development.  McKnight’s lab has also been working with two other CTSAs, Boston University and University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. 


It is important to emphasize the value of the CTSA as without the GHUCCTS interdisciplinary consortium, specifically the NTM incubator environment and McKnight’s direct involvement with Georgetown University with his NTM funded collaborative work, the RNA Virus collaboration and critical expertise support he received from Georgetown University, “Rapid Fieldable Diagnostics”, may not have been born.  DOE started funding the “Rapid Fieldable Diagnostics for RNA Viruses” research in 2012 but it was the “spirit of the CTSA” and specifically the GHUCCTS/NTM incubator that grew and encouraged the potential possibilities of this diagnostic technology which may ultimately turn out to be the “cornerstone” of swinging the tide around in battling the global crisis of Ebola.