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How Can GHUCCTS Help?


Find out how
GHUCCTS can help you.


How can research help me and my community?

What is an Informed Consent?

Informed consent is the process of learning the key facts about a clinical trial before deciding whether or not to participate. It is also a continuing process throughout the study to provide information for participants. To help someone decide whether or not to participate, the doctors and nurses... Read More

What questions should I ask before I agree to participate in research

We provide a information for participants on what questions to ask and what our advocates can do for you. For more information, please see the Participant Advocate Program brochure. Read More

What are my rights as a research subject/participant?

Please click on the Rights & Responsibilities for a list.  Read More

What is a research participant?

A research participant is someone who participates in a research study. Research involving human participants (often referred to as 'subjects') may take place in many places in and around the community. The majority of GHUCCTS-related research will take place in the Washington, DC metro area at... Read More

What is a research subject advocate?

Our research subject advocates help ensure the rights, safety, and well-being of participants in GHUCCTS-supported research studies. Research subject advocates enhance the standard protections available for participants in clinical research through advocacy for study participants, through... Read More


Find out how
GHUCCTS can help you.


How can GHUCCTS help my research?

I submitted a pilot grant application—now what?

All submitted applications are preliminarily reviewed by the Pilot and Collaborative Studies Program (PCSP) Coordinator. Any concerns/issues that arise outside of the standard submission criteria are quickly identified and reported to Dr. Mellman, HU-PI GHUCCTS Director, PCSP at mellmant@howard.edu... Read More

I was awarded a Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSP) award—what’s next?

As a soon as official award notification is received, all applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the regulatory (IRB/IACUC) submission and approval process, which will expedite project account activation. Once regulatory documents have been submitted, please send a copy of submitted documents... Read More

Are there deadlines for pilot grant applications?

All applications submitted to the GHUCCTS Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSP) Program are accepted on a rolling basis.&spamp;nbsp; For application questions contact Program Navigators at navigators@ghuccts.org.&spamp;nbsp;&spamp;nbsp; Read More

What are the criteria for evaluating pilot grant applications?

Applications will be evaluated based on traditional criteria (e.g., significance, approach, etc.) as well as the following considerations: 1. Use of an interdisciplinary approach. Projects will be evaluated on how well it brings together investigators from basic and clinical sciences, clinical and... Read More

What resources and facilities are available for conducting a study?

The GHUCCTS team offers many resources through the programs that support our mission.  Shared Resources can be found through the Translational Technologies and Resources Program. IRB information can be found through the Regulatory Ethics Knowledge and Support Program.  If you need... Read More


Find out how
GHUCCTS can help you.


How can GHUCCTS educate me?

What continuing education and training programs are available?

The goal of GHUCCTS is to train undergraduate, graduate, medical, allied health professionals and others with specific interests and a career focus on clinical translational sciences. Our programs provide training in mechanistic and biomedical, clinical, and community research. We offer a variety... Read More

Is there a Statistician to help with my research or my KL2 application?

Dr. Nawar Shara (MHRI) or Dr. John Kwagyan (HU) will direct you to the appropriate resources. Read More

Who should I contact with additional questions?

For MSCTR program specific questions, please contact Cyndi Campbell, Education Director contact information. Read More

When is the application deadline for the 2013 SOAR program?

The 2013 application deadline for the SOAR program is January 31, 2013. Read More

What are the application requirements for SOAR?

Each student must complete the application online; submit official transcript (s) from all undergraduate institution; and two (2) letters of recommendation Read More