Our Mission

  • To expand and sustain bi-directional partnerships with the public and community-based organizations in order to facilitate community participation in the development, conduct and dissemination of clinical and translational research.
  • To provide training and resources for investigators to enhance their community engagement and research skills, and to engage community-based practitioners in collaboratively conducting clinical and translational research.

  • To increase research participation by members of the diverse communities that make up the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

      Strengths of GHUCCTS Community Engagement Program 

      • Team of experts on community engaged research
      • Access to academic investigators and communities for partnership building
      • Expertise on cultural and linguistic competence
      • Community dialogue events
      • Access to health expert speakers for community events

      Guiding Principles

      • Communities determine their own needs.
      • Community members are full partners in decision making.
      • Communities should economically benefit from collaboration.
      • CE should result in the reciprocal transfer of knowledge and skills among all partners
      • Communities retain full autonomy and self-determination in collaborative ventures.
      • CE includes working in conjunction with natural, informal support and helping networks within culturally diverse communities and systematically integrates cultural and linguistic competence.